Managing Employment-related Risks
  • Employment Practices Liability claims are among the most prevalent of all claims — in companies of all sizes. To assist our EPLI insureds with controlling EPLI losses, Target offers a comprehensive risk management program called HR Risk Management Helpline. The Helpline program includes complimentary, loss prevention services in several forms:

    • Unlimited, “live” advice from attorneys
    • HR Alerts
    • Online Resources
    • Handbook Creator Software
Here’s what a few insureds had to say about Target‘s Risk Management Program:
  • “The Helpline is useful to our company. We check in now and then to see if there are any cases or updates that can be useful to us. It’s valuable to be able to easily locate a particular topic when we run into an issue. In the past, we have come across a couple of issues on the Alerts which we were able to match to an issue we were having and then get more information. I would recommend this service to other employers.”

    — Insurance Coordinator, Restaurant Franchise in IA, 550 Employees

  • “This is really cool. I absolutely think this will be beneficial to us. I think the most helpful part will be access to the attorney’s feedback. It’s great to have the ability to ask a question whenever something comes up.”

    — Office Manager, Restaurant Franchise in CA, 400 Employees

  • “The Helpline is a wonderful resource! I often find the Questions of the Month interesting and relatable. They prompt me to explore the various aspects of the site. In the future, I would like to look into potentially utilizing the available online training course, as well as the employee handbook builder. Having access to this program is a great comfort!”

    — HR Manager, Legal Services Firm in IL, 60 Employees

  • “I’m really impressed. I didn’t realize there was so much information and that it could be so helpful. Being able to ask questions is going to be very helpful, but the online training and the HR Resources are also great.”

    — HR Manager, Management Services Co. in CA, 800 Employees

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