Home Inspectors Professional Liability Insurance - Reporting an Errors & Omissions Claim or Circumstance

If during your policy period or extended reporting period you receive written or oral notice from any party that it is their intention to hold you responsible for any wrongful acts, or you become aware of circumstances which could reasonably be expected to give rise to such notice, then Target Professional Programs must be notified in writing as soon as practical.

Typically, you’ll want to have at least the following information handy before you call:

  • Name of Insured
  • Address / Email Address
  • Policy Number
  • Date of Claim (Circumstance)
  • Description of Claim (Circumstance)
  • Additional information that may be pertinent to the claim or circumstance

You’ll also need to send us every demand, notice, summons, complaint, or other process received by you or your representative. In addition, your communication to us should include descriptions of:

  • The specific wrongful act
  • The injury or damage which has or may result from the wrongful act;
  • The names and addresses of the claimants or potential claimants;
  • The circumstances by which you first became aware of such wrongful act.

You can use the Claim Supplement Form to Fax this information to us at (860) 284-1113 or email the form to essreportaloss@nationwide.com.

You can also contact Scottsdale Insurance Company 24/7 at (800) 873-9442 (Choose Option 2).