Exclusive Tax Preparers Professional Liability Insurance Program
Tax Preparers Overview


Tax preparers, including those who do some bookkeeping, will find an exceptional value on Errors & Omissions insurance through the American Tax Preparers Purchasing Group (ATP). The ATP was formed in 1981 to allow tax preparers to purchase individual Professional Liability policies at group rates. Target Professional Programs was chosen to administer the Program in 1996, and The Hartford has provided coverage since 1991.

Target’s Tax Preparers Professional Liability Insurance Program is endorsed by the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP).

Contact, Applications and Submissions
Contact Target’s Tax Preparers Expert:
Rosalind Hodges
(312) 855-2043
Applications and Submissions
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Email Completed Applications: TaxPreparers@TargetProIns.com
Cyber Coverage
  1. New and renewal policies automatically include Network Security, Data Breach and Theft of Data Coverage at no additional premium.*  Learn More
  2. *This coverage is not available in MA or ND, or in states where the program is not available (AK, HI & LA).
Risk Management Tips For Tax Preparers
  1. For this and every tax season, you might appreciate some tips on how to avoid potential client conflicts and even lawsuits. Click here for our article which includes free, downloadable checklists for you and your colleagues’ use.
  2. Target’s Tax Preparers Professional Liability Insurance Program is endorsed by the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP).
  • Full-time or part-time firms with up to 10 tax professionals, including those who do some bookkeeping (less than 80% of revenue).
  • AGENTS & BROKERS PLEASE NOTE: This coverage is only available on a direct basis. However, tax and/or bookkeeper clients may be eligible for Target’s Accountants Professional Liability Program, which is available exclusively through agents & brokers.
Availability,Carrier Partner and Program Parameters
  • All states except: AK, HI & LA

Carrier Partner
  • Hartford Financial Products (The Hartford) Rated A+ by A.M. Best
Program Parameters
  • Coverage Limits: Up to $100,000 each claim / $200,000 aggregate
    Note: NY law requires the same limits per claim and per policy year
  • Minimum Premium:Varies by state
  • Minimum Retention:$100 Retention applies to all policies
Features & Benefits
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  • Claims made and reported policy
  • Prior Acts Coverage available for qualified firms
  • Multiple Extended Reporting Period options: 1, 2, or 3 years
  • Notary Public Coverage is included at no additional cost
  • Optional Bookkeeping Coverage includes payroll preparation & processing
  • Low, $100 Retention per claim
  • Easy renewal process for qualified policyholders
  • 24 / 7 claim reporting from The Hartford
  • Risk Management Hotline to assist with inquiries involving loss prevention, claims, ethics, and professional responsibilities
  • Convenient payment options from The Hartford, including annual or semi-annual payment choices