Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program Arch Insurance Company - Reporting an Errors & Omissions Claim or Circumstance

Arch Insurance Company insureds benefit from an exceptionally high level of claims and litigation management support. When a claim occurs, their in-house claims team joins forces with the nation’s leading legal malpractice defense firms to protect the insured from both a financial and professional reputation perspective.

When reporting a claim, the following information should be provided for a prompt response:

  • Policy Number
  • Narrative (if it is not clear as to the nature of the claim)
  • Demand Letter, Lawsuit, etc., if applicable
  • Any other information that the insured believes is relevant


Return This Information Via:
  • Email: Claims@ArchInsurance.com
  • Fax: (866) 266-3630
  • Phone: (877) 688-2724
  • Mail:
    Arch Insurance Group Inc.
    1299 Farnam Street
    Suite 500
    Omaha, NE 68102
For Claims Assistance:
  • Contact Person: Lacy Podgers, Team Lead, Underwriter
  • Email: LPodgers@TargetProIns.com
  • Phone: (331) 333-8229
  • Fax: (630) 961-0284

Upon receipt of your information an Acknowledgement Letter will be forwarded containing:

  • Claim Number
  • Assigned Arch Claims Examiner